The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne Spinoff Wraps Filming With Cast and Crew Message

The upcoming spinoff of featuring Rick and Michonne has finished filming, as confirmed by a letter from the show's executive producers to its cast and crew. Reportedly titled , the series follows its titular characters after their departures from the flagship show in prior seasons. Described as an "," it will follow Rick's years held captive by the CRM and Michonne's journey to find him.Now, has released a letter on Twitter from executive producers, confirming filming on the series has wrapped.

The note mentions the show's working title of and thanks crew members for helping to usher in a new start for the universe. The note is signed by executive producers Scott Gimple, Denise Huth, and Brian Bockrath, as well as Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, who also star as Rick and Michonne, respectively.

Everything We Know About The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne

is scheduled to begin in 2024, following the release of two other spinoffs, and . Alongside Lincoln and Gurira's returns as Rick and Michonne, Pollyanna McIntosh will be reprising her role as Jadis from . McIntosh last played Jadis on , a spinoff focused on young survivors of the CRM.

The CRM will also be a key , as it appears that's where Rick has been for around 10 years. While the series has been billed as a love story between Rick and Michonne, it's also expected to answer burning questions surrounding Rick's lengthy absence from . The series may also deliver more insight into the CRM and their purpose in theuniverse.

It's unclear if will continue past season 1, but initial reports indicate this will be the start of Rick and Michonne's new adventure. It also seems will be shocking, according to a reaction from franchise newcomer Lesley-Ann Brandt (). With season 1 now filmed, viewers may get more information soon on its new place in theuniverse.

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