Brianna and Roger's Return To The Future In Outlander Hints At Risky Book Story!!?

Warning! SPOILERS about Outlander season 7, episode 2 and the Outlander books ahead.

Outlander season 7, episode 2 saw Roger, Brianna, and their family safely return to the 20th century, but certain hints suggest their lives won't be getting any easier. With Outlander season 7, episode 2's ending including both Wendigo Donner's incursion at Fraser's Ridge and Jamie and Claire's house likely burning down, the fantasy romance's story seems to have reached the end of the sixth Outlander book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Outlander season 7, following with the seventh book in the romance drama series, An Echo in the Bone, looks to have Roger, Brianna, and their family facing some troubling times.

Despite being two centuries apart, the seventh Outlander book guaranteed some form of connection between Brianna and her parents in the form of letters. Delivered to Roger and Brianna the moment they got to Fiona Graham in Scotland, the letters were a way for the two to learn about how Jamie and Claire's life continued in North Carolina. However, the mention of hidden gold and Jemmy knowing its location eventually put Roger and Brianna's firstborn in danger in An Echo in the Bone. With Outlander season 7 telling the story of the seventh Outlander book, Roger, Brianna, and their children will soon face danger because of their time travel.

Brianna's Job In The Future Will Accidentally Imperil Jemmy

An Echo in the Bone has Brianna eventually hired by the Hydro Electric Board as a plant inspector in the 1900s, leading to her having Rob Cameron as a coworker. Between Rob finding Roger's first draft of A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers and Claire and Jamie's letter to Brianna mentioning the hidden gold, Cameron devises a plan to force Brianna to get the truth about the gold's location from Jemmy, or he won't return him to them, kidnapping him and making them think he brought Jemmy back to the past through the stones.

This may prompt further time traveling in Outlander season 7 and also seriously endanger Jemmy.

Between Jemmy's disappearance and Buck MacKenzie's arrival from the past, Roger eventually chooses to travel to the past with his ancestor to look for Jemmy, who was taken by Cameron in An Echo in the Bone. Cameron learning about both time traveling and the Jacobite gold proves how time traveling influenced Roger and Brianna's life in their home timeline. Indeed, Jamie's mention of the gold wouldn't have happened had Brianna not traveled back in time to save him and Claire, and Roger would have never written such a book had he not followed Brianna in the 1700s.

Roger's Ancestor's Return Throwbacks To Outlander Season 5's Darkest Roger Story

Although Buck MacKenzie's unwitting trip to the future in An Echo in the Bone reintroduces him as someone only wanting help to return home, what he means to Roger cannot be forgotten. Roger's most harrowing experience in Outlander season 5 involved Buck accusing him of adultery and sending him to be hanged by the red coats, making their reunion contentious at best, as almost dying by hanging scarred Roger. Considering he couldn't speak for months after the ordeal, having to help the ancestor who tried to kill him will surely take its toll on Roger, making Outlander season 7 one of the most interesting stories to date regarding Roger's character in the series.

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