The Walking Dead: Dead City - Returning Cast and New Character Guide
The Walking Dead: Dead City is a spinoff miniseries that follows returning characters Negan and Maggie as they travel to New York City to rescue Maggie's son, Hershel. The cast includes Lauren Cohan reprising her role as Maggie, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, and Logan Kim as Hershel. Other notable cast members include Gaius Charles as Perlie Armstrong, Željko Ivanek as "The Croat," and Lisa Emery as The Dama. The series features new characters such as Tommaso played by Jonathan Higginbotham, Amaia played by Karina Ortiz, and Key Swallow played by Alex Huynh. The story takes place in a completely overrun New York City and introduces various gangs that the protagonists must navigate through to complete their mission.