Ranking the Most Cringe-Inducing Blue Bloods Moments: Brace Yourself for Awkwardness!

"Blue Bloods" has had its fair share of cringeworthy moments throughout its many seasons. From poorly thought-out plotlines to questionable character choices, some episodes have veered into uncomfortable territory. These moments include Danny's unconvincing fake call in "All the News That's Fit to Click," Erin's demeaning response to Anthony in "Your Six," and the officers breaking out into song in "Tangled Up in Blue." Other cringeworthy moments include Baez impersonating Erin in "Something Blue," the tasteless jokes about Banksy in "Baggage," and a lackluster episode in "Times Like These" that left fans confused.

Additionally, Erin's speed dating experience in "Righting Wrongs," Eddie and Badillo's conflict in "Reality Check," Danny's failed attempt at comedy in "Inside Jobs," and the awkward portrayal of the drag queen community in "Manhattan Queens" were also cringeworthy. The most cringeworthy moment of all was the treatment of Detective Angela Reddick in "USA Today," which was criticized for being racist and sexist.

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