Everything You Need to Know About Bloom County and Berkeley Breathed's Other Newspaper Comics!

Classic comic strip Bloom County, created by Berkeley Breathed, was immensely popular in the 1980s and continues to be relevant today. The comic focused on political references and social commentary, touching on issues that are still present in today's society. Breathed's irreverent humor and political satire earned him a loyal fan base and led to the revival of Bloom County online in 2015. The comic strip evolved over time, introducing iconic characters like Opus the Penguin and Bill the Cat. Breathed's early career included drawing editorial cartoons and his previous comic strip, The Academia Waltz. In addition to Bloom County, Breathed also created the Sunday-only comic Outland and later Opus. He also found success in writing children's books and eventually decided to revive Bloom County once again. Overall, Breathed's talent for humor and social critique has made Bloom County one of the best comic strips of all time.

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