The Most Underrated Period Drama TV Shows!

Bridgerton and The Crown have brought period dramas to the forefront of television. However, there are other shows that deserve more attention. Harlots, set in 18th-century London, focuses on a brothel owner's war with competing businesses. Reign tells a dramatized story of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. Downton Abbey follows the Crowley family and their servants in early 20th-century Britain. When They See Us explores the wrongful conviction of the Central Park Five. Outlander combines fantasy and historical elements. Turn: Washington's Spies centers on spies during the American Revolution. The Last Kingdom delves into the politics and war of 9th and 10th century England. Frontier stars Jason Momoa in a 1700s fur trade setting. Black Sails follows the lives of pirates during the Golden Age. The Spanish Princess focuses on the life of Catherine of Aragon.

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