10 Best Brianna Quotes In Outlander!

Outlander character Brianna Fraser has grown from a spoiled and entitled child to a wise adult and loving mother and wife throughout the series. Her most memorable quotes reflect her evolution and character development. From confronting her mother about lies in Season 2 to supporting Claire's love for Jamie in Season 3, Bree's quotes show her selflessness and growth. She also defends her parents and expresses her love for her father Frank in Season 4. Bree's witty humor and romantic outlook shine through when she agrees to marry Roger in Season 4. Meeting her true father, Jamie, in Season 4 brings a touching moment. Bree's role as a protective mother is highlighted in Season 4 when she sacrifices her happiness for her child. Bree's growth is also evident in her understanding of forgiveness and not harboring grudges in Season 4. Finally, Bree reflects on the nature of change and reshaping oneself in Season 5.

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