10 Best Romance Tropes (& Which TV Shows Did Them Best)!

Romance tropes are timeless and can be retold in various TV shows to evoke emotions. Popular tropes like surprise pregnancy are used in shows like Shameless and Stranger Things. The love at first sight trope is perfectly portrayed in The 10th Kingdom. Once Upon A Time showcases the lovers in a past life trope through Snow and Charming's reunion. True Blood explores the villain falling for the hero trope with Bill, Eric, and Sookie's love triangle. Anne with an E features a kind and realistic high-school sweethearts trope with Anne and Gilbert. Bridgerton explores the royal arranged marriage trope with Queen Charlotte and George III.

Jane the Virgin embraces the surprise baby trope with Jane and Rafael's love story. Outlander's arranged marriage trope between Claire and Jamie steals the show in its first season. Stranger Things showcases the kind-hearted bad boy trope with Eddie and Chrissy. Bridgerton also features the enemies-to-lovers trope with Kate and Anthony's fiery attraction.

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