Touching Love Bond! "Hero" Pit Bull Saves Foster Human Brother From Rattlesnake!

It is often said that pit bulls are among the most protective dog races around, and this story by Stacie Rae English certainly is no exception to that. She posted tales of an impressive rescue by her brother’s dog Hurley on Facebook, where it quickly amassed more than 53,000 likes and 13,000 shares.

Stacie’s brother was just walking around his adorable dog Hurley in the neighborhood in the evening because he can unleash him and let him truly explore his surroundings and sensations.

Suddenly, the man heard loud screaming from a child. Before Stacie’s brother could react to the situation, Hurley had already made its way towards the screaming baby.

When the man finally caught up with his dog, he saw a dangerous copper head snake close by the child that was being attacked by Hurley. The pit bull killed the dangerous and venomous snake, possibly saving the little child from further injuries.

It’s unclear whether or not the child was bitten, as the little child ran away to his mother and they presumably went to the ER to get him checked out. Stacie’s brother hopes that they can still connect with the child and his family.

After the incident, the man called animal control to report the copper head snake – as it turns out, Hurley had found a whole nest of the venomous animals. While defending the child, Hurley was struck by the copper head’s poisonous teeth.

Luckily, thanks to quick help from the Denton Animal Emergency Hospital, Hurley’s blood clotting was monitored and the dog could already return home the next day. Although Hurley is still somewhat uncomfortable and has a swollen face and neck, he’s doing a lot better.