‘1923’ Star Brandon Sklenar Predicts Spencer’s Story Is Going to Be ‘Tragic’ and ‘Violent’ After Season 1

The  season finale ended with tangible drama and several cliffhangers, and one of those cliffhangers left the fate of Brandon Sklenar’s Spencer Dutton wide open. While no one but creator Taylor Sheridan knows what’s in store for Spencer, Skelnar has an overwhelming, theory about what’s in store.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

The show’s freshman year played similarly to its predecessor  and its sister series, . The Duttons find power, but it doesn’t come easily and it’s always on the brink of collapse. And, of course, The family members all weather multiple tragedies as well.

In the case of Spencer, he has been one of the least lucky Duttons so far. Not only does he suffer extreme PTSD from World War I, but he also watched one of his friends be brutally killed by a wild cat, and he and his then-finance, Alex, nearly suffered the same fate.

Then, the couple almost died again during a shipwreck, and they were ultimately separated when Spencer had no choice but to kill Alex’s former fiancee, Arthur, during a duel gone wrong on a cruiseliner and Arthur’s royal family banned Spencer from the vessel mid-sail.

Brandon Sklenar Says ‘1923’ Season 2 is ‘Going to be Good’

While talking to , Skelnar admitted that he has no idea where Spencer will go from here, but said that the character has definitely hit a sort of emotional rock bottom, and he’ll need to either pull himself up or let himself crumble.

In his opinion, Spencer Dutton will see some major transformations during Season 2, but they won’t come easily.

“We’re all waiting to see what Taylor cooks up,” Skelnar shared. “Going to be good though, we know that. If anything, it’s going to be epic and it’s going to be tragic and it’s going to be violent and it’s going to be a lot of love and heart in it and just all the good stuff.

“But I do think it’s going to be a shift,” he continued. “I think it’s going to have its own feeling, the second part, which I’m excited for.”

Unfortunately, we may have to wait a while to see how Spencer’s future unravels. While a second season is confirmed, Paramount has yet to announce any details about its release date. However, we do know that Harrison Ford will return to the story in the lead role.

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