Outlander Season 7 Episode 7 Recap - 7 Biggest Story Reveals!

The penultimate episode of Outlander season 7 brought shocking twists and important developments. The true identity of the Nuckelavee was revealed, but Brianna and Roger still have questions about Roger's ancestor, Buck MacKenzie. Rob Cameron's treacherous actions pose a threat to the MacKenzies. In 1777, Jamie ends up unconscious on the battlefield, and William's eagerness to fight at Saratoga almost costs him his life. The Outlander books confirm Buck's suspicions about Rob Cameron and highlight William's connection to Simon Fraser. Buck's connection to Jemmy and Mandy exposes his good intentions, and Roger forgives him. Rob's kidnapping of Jemmy leads to the separation of the MacKenzies. Jamie survives but will need surgery.

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