Guess Who'll Be? This 'Friends Character' Would Make The Worst REAL- Life Friend!

She wasn't there for anyone, but somehow managed to get a lot of fans.

When you watch a sitcom like Friends, you expect it to be lighthearted and fun. However, all the characters you meet have to have at least some flaws to make the dynamic between them more interesting.

Rachel being a bit spoiled and not knowing how to live a normal adult life, Ross with his failing relationships, and Monica's obsession with cleaning, just to name a few.

Phoebe Buffay, on the other hand, has always stood out to fans for being just weird and quirky and generally cute. Her character was always meant to be comedic relief, even on a primarily comedic show.

Phoebe's lines were always packed with jokes, and her presence was made funnier than others by her interesting clothing choices.

However, after many years of rewatching, fans noticed that Phoebe was never as nice as intended.

In fact, Phoebe Buffay may have been the worst friend to any of the other characters in her group.

"Phoebe was a good person, but I generally disliked her behavior towards the other friends. She was quirky and fun, but I wouldn't, for the life of me, want a friend like her," Redditor shejusttired said, remembering the episode where Phoebe acted mean towards Ross just because of the dream she had.

It's not the only occasion that made fans raise an eyebrow, and it also seems like a lot of her words and actions were especially hurtful to Chandler, Monica, and their relationship.

Remember that time when Phoebe said that Chandler was gay right to Monica's face? Or the time she put Chandler down by saying she wanted to sleep with Joey first?

Maybe you remember the episode when she slept with Monica's ex two hours after they broke up? Whether or not the Friends characters were willing to forgive Phoebe's actions, fans don't seem so sure.

Even considering the rough upbringing she had, which probably made her much harder to talk to than anyone else around her, a lot of the choices she makes just don't sit right with the audience.

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