Where Every Fear the Walking Dead Character Ends Up in the Finale

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 came to an end with a two-episode finale titled "Fighting Like You" and "The Road Ahead." The finale tied up loose ends and concluded the storylines of various characters. One of the major storylines involved Madison Clark, who returned in Season 7.

Daniel Salazar and Luciana Galvez, on the other hand, have a less clear road ahead. They meet with the rest of the group to say their goodbyes and decide to go their separate ways from Victor Strand. Daniel admits that they will never get along, and he chooses to let Strand grow rather than holding him back. Daniel then finds his cat Skidmark on the road, whom Alicia had secretly dropped off.

Victor Strand embarks on a new journey with his husband and son. Having always been a lonely man burdened by his own demons, Strand finally finds acceptance with his new family. Troy Otto, a former villain, is revived but dies again after Madison stabs him in the stomach. 

Russell, Troy's right-hand man, plays a significant role in PADRE's downfall. He tries to negotiate with Madison over Tracy but is pushed into a herd of walkers and killed by Dwight. The two-episode finale wraps up the storylines of these characters, providing a satisfying conclusion to their arcs.

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