10 Best Side Characters in Outlander!

Starz's Outlander has successfully translated Diana Gabaldon's novels to the screen, with the central focus on Jamie and Claire Fraser. However, it is the minor characters that have captivated viewers with their story arcs and personalities. Fergus, once a pickpocket, has transformed into a reliable and resourceful ally. John Grey, though denied a proper LGBTQ arc, remains a likable character and trusted friend. Laoghaire is a hated but unforgettable character who is driven by jealousy. Marsali's character was expanded, turning her into a fun-loving and resilient presence. Dougal, a manipulator, is motivated by the protection of Scotland.

Murtagh's loyalty and support for Jamie make him a beloved character. Jenny, outspoken and honest, holds her family together. Ian's growth from mischievous boy to warrior has endeared him to fans. Lizzie's love triangle and relationship drama provide entertaining storylines. Lastly, Geillis' ability to hide her true character makes her actions all the more despicable.

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