Singing Legend Cher Explains Why Young Jennifer Aniston Used to Hang Out At Her House In The '70s!

Jennifer Aniston used to hang out pretty often at Cher's house in the '70s for an amusing reason.

The singing legend shared a fun memory of her decadeslong friendship with Aniston during an appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" this week.

The conversation started when Clarkson said she'd heard that the duo had known each other for a long time.

"Is it true that Jennifer Aniston would come over to play at your house as a little girl in the '70s?" the talk show host asked.

"As a teenager, I mean as like a middle teenager. And (she would) eat me out of house and home,"  replied.

The 76-year-old went on to explain that Aniston was one of a group of girls who would spend a lot of time at her house in the '70s.

"The girls always used to, they knew when I went to Balducci's (grocery store), and they would just show up and just chow down. And (Aniston) was a big chow down-er," she said.

Clarkson naturally got a kick out of the story. “I love it! I just think that’s so funny," she said.

Clarkson was curious to know if anyone knew that Aniston was such a talented actor at the time, and Cher explained that the teen was attending the High School of Performing Arts.

The singer added that sometimes it's better to let someone's talent speak for itself.

"My mom used to say to anybody she met, 'I have a daughter who sings.' Well the minute you say that, people just turn (their attention) off," she said.

Cher then explained her mom once told the owner and manager of Atlantic Records that her daughter could sing, and he sort of brushed her off.

"Then he signed us and then we're singing, and one night my mom comes in and he said, 'Georgia, what are you doing here?' And she said, 'I told you I have a daughter that sings. There she is!'"

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