When Does 'Yellowstone' Resume + '1923' Season 2 Premiere?

Struggling to keep track of the release dates for Yellowstone and its various prequels? We're here to help by providing all the information we have on the premieres for Season 5 (Part B), 1923, 1944, and 6666. Below are the anticipated premiere dates for five series within the Yellowstone franchise. Additionally, we'll address the rumors surrounding the addition of another Hollywood A-lister to this blockbuster franchise. Let's begin with Yellowstone Season 5.

The second half of this season has not yet been filmed and may not even be written due to uncertainty surrounding Kevin Costner's return to the show.

According to two cast members, filming is set to resume in March 2023. Paramount released a trailer video hinting at the show's return with new episodes this summer. However, the video has since been marked as unlisted, and Puck News suggests that the show's release has been pushed back to the fall.

Keep an eye on the actors' social media accounts for updates, and expect only six more episodes to complete the season, potentially making them the final six episodes. Moving on to the prequel series, 1923. Season 1, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, premiered on Paramount+ on December 18, 2022.

Season 2 is expected to debut in late 2023 or early 2024. Given the winter setting and the cliffhanger ending of Season 1, it would make sense for filming to take place in the fall. There is a possibility that Season 2 will be the final season of 1923, but nothing is confirmed yet. As for the Yellowstone prequel, 1944, very little is known about the show other than the fact that it will be set in the year 1944 and filmed in a similar location as Yellowstone and 1923.

This news came alongside rumors of Matthew McConaughey joining the Yellowstone universe in some capacity. While it is uncertain if this prequel is his project, it is possible.

More details about the show will hopefully be revealed soon. Now, let's discuss the highly-anticipated spinoff, 6666. Rumors of this spinoff began circulating in mid-2022, suggesting that Jefferson White (Jimmy) and Ryan Bingham (Walker) would be moving from Montana to the 6666 Ranch. In January 2022, Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, actually purchased the real 6666 Ranch in Texas, solidifying the spinoff's importance.

However, no concrete plans have been shared regarding filming. It is likely that production will commence only after the storyline involving Walker and Jimmy in Texas concludes, which could mean a premiere date of 2024.

Lastly, there will be a Season 2 of 1883, but with a different storyline unrelated to what viewers saw in early 2022. The James and Margaret Dutton storyline has come to a close, so Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will not be part of this season. The new season, now called Bass Reeves, stars David Oyelowo as the real-life U.S. Marshal in 1883 who enforced the law west of the Mississippi with over 3,000 arrests. Dennis Quaid and Barry Pepper are also attached to the show. Filming began in January, and fans can expect the premiere in late 2023. While the plot of Bass Reeves isn't directly connected to 1883, there may be some crossover of characters.

In summary, the release dates for the Yellowstone franchise series are as follows: Season 5 (Part B) - to be determined, 1923 Season 2 - late 2023 or early 2024, 1944 - no information available, 6666 - after the conclusion of Yellowstone, potentially in 2024, and 1883 Season 2 (now Bass Reeves) - late 2023. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting shows!

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