Yellowstone Star Cole Hauser Says Rip Wheeler Was NOT Meant To Be This...

In a recent interview, Yellowstone star Cole Hauser revealed that his character, Rip Wheeler, was not originally intended to be the person he ultimately became in the hit TV series. Hauser shared his insights into the evolution of Rip's role and the unexpected transformation his character underwent throughout the show.

Hauser acknowledged that the development of Rip Wheeler was a collaborative process between himself and the show's creator, Taylor Sheridan. They initially envisioned Rip as a quiet and reserved individual, whose presence was primarily physical, reflecting a strong and silent type of persona.

However, as the story progressed, both Hauser and Sheridan recognized an opportunity to delve deeper into Rip's character and add layers to his personality.

As the seasons unfolded, Rip's backstory and emotional development became increasingly significant. Hauser described how he and Sheridan began embracing Rip's sensitive side, revealing more vulnerability and showcasing his complex inner world. The actor emphasized that this added depth gave him the chance to explore new dimensions in Rip's character, ultimately making him more relatable to the audience.

Hauser further explained that the writers and producers of Yellowstone were not afraid to take risks and were open to allowing the characters to evolve organically.

They seized the opportunity to shift Rip's trajectory and explore new storylines that highlighted his growth and transformation. The actor expressed his gratitude for being part of a team that trusted their instincts and was dedicated to crafting rich and multi-dimensional characters.

The unexpected evolution of Rip's character resonated strongly with Yellowstone fans. Hauser shared how viewers became deeply invested in Rip, expressing their fascination with his complicated past and his profound love for Beth Dutton, portrayed by Kelly Reilly. This connection between the audience and Rip allowed Hauser to explore different aspects of the character, delivering powerful performances that captured the hearts of viewers.

Moving forward, Hauser remains excited about the prospect of continuing to develop Rip Wheeler's character in future seasons of Yellowstone. He expressed his dedication to portraying Rip in a way that remains true to his essence while continuing to surprise and engage the audience. The actor concluded by emphasizing the profound impact that Yellowstone has had on his career, enabling him to navigate new and exciting opportunities within the entertainment industry.

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