The ‘1923’ Mistake That RUINS Yellowstone You Don't Know

Taylor Sheridan has created a remarkable universe with Yellowstone that spans over a century of history. The original series introduced viewers to the modern era with ranch owner John Dutton, while its first prequel, 1883, delved into the family's history in the late 19th century. Sheridan's latest spin-off, 1923, has been receiving strong viewership, thanks in part to its impressive cast including Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. However, not everything in 1923 makes sense. One example is the perplexing past of Spencer Dutton, one of the main characters. Spencer is initially introduced in Yellowstone through brief flashbacks in season four.

It is revealed that he is the younger brother of John Dutton Sr., but little else is known about him. The arrival of 1923 provided an opportunity for fans to learn more about the family's heritage and fill in some missing details. However, it also created a major discrepancy. Spencer is portrayed as the youngest son of James and Margaret Dutton in 1883, and his sister Elsa's death plays a significant role in the story. However, there is confusion surrounding Spencer's age. Based on the flashback from Yellowstone, Spencer's brother is five years old when the family moves to Montana. This age difference suggests that Spencer would be no older than seven when he appears in 1893.

Therefore, in 1923, he should be in his mid-to-late thirties. The contradiction arises when fans of Yellowstone compare Spencer's lifestyle in 1923 to what is depicted in 1883. According to the new spin-off, Spencer is a big game hunter in Africa after World War I. He is already renowned for killing one of the man-eating lions from the Tsavo incident, which occurred in 1898.

This suggests that Spencer would be much older than the age he claims at the bar scene. This discrepancy is not the only one in 1923.

The show has also provided conflicting information about when the family settled on the ranch, with even John Dutton contradicting himself by placing the timeline around 1886 on Yellowstone. Fans who closely analyze the show are seeking clarification on these discrepancies. Additionally, fans are eager to determine if Jack and Elizabeth are the grandparents of John Dutton, or if he is actually descended from Spencer and Alexandra's family line. Viewers can watch new episodes of 1923 on Paramount+.

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