The Walking Dead's Timeline Is So Broken Even Negan Doesn't Know What Year Dead City Is Set In

In episode 3 of The Walking Dead: Dead City, Negan's explanation about the Saviors reveals that the timeline of the show is convoluted and unclear. He vaguely states that the group was established "12, 15 years ago," leaving room for ambiguity. This suggests that even the creators may be uncertain about the exact timeline of events in The Walking Dead universe.

The confusion surrounding the timeline of Dead City is further compounded by Hershel's age. In the original series, Hershel appeared as an ultrasound in season 6 and was born in season 9, making him a young child at that time. However, in Dead City, he reappears as a teenager, indicating a significant time jump.

While his exact age is not specified, it helps to establish a timeframe for the spinoff.

According to Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, Dead City takes place "five to six years at least" after the conclusion of The Walking Dead. The original series ended in 2022 with season 11, aligning with Negan's estimate. However, Cohan's statement implies that the timeline could be closer to fifteen years rather than twelve. This aligns with Hershel's age if he is around fifteen, and places Dead City around 2027.

It is worth noting that with more spinoffs in The Walking Dead franchise, the timeline may become even more confusing.

The introduction of different locations, such as New York in Dead City and France in Daryl's spinoff, will likely add to the complexity. As a result, the passage of time within the universe may remain unclear, both for the viewers and the show's writers.

For now, it can be inferred that Dead City is set approximately fifteen years after the events of The Walking Dead season 6. As the series progresses, hopefully, the timeline will become more concrete and less ambiguous. Fans can anticipate further exploration of the timeline in upcoming episodes and future spinoffs.

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