The Walking Dead's Lennie James: The Untold Departure of Morgan Jones - When Did He Exit the Show?

Morgan Jones, portrayed by Lennie James, first appeared in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead in 2010. He played a crucial role in the survival of the show's protagonist, Rick Grimes. Morgan later crossed over to Fear the Walking Dead in its fourth season.

In the initial episode, Rick wakes up from a coma and encounters the undead, struggling to comprehend the state of the world. Morgan and his son, Duane, mistake Rick for a walker and knock him out with a shovel. However, Morgan recognizes that Rick can still speak, unlike the walkers. Morgan tends to Rick's wounds and updates him on the state of things since the outbreak.

Morgan's next appearance is in the third season, where he is tormented by grief over the loss of his son. He briefly appears in season 5, followed by two more episodes of that season.

After the war with Negan and the Saviors in the eighth season, Morgan chooses to distance himself from people and embark on a healing journey. Despite efforts from Rick, Carol, and Jesus to convince him otherwise, Morgan leaves Virginia, leading to his storyline in Fear the Walking Dead.

Morgan's reunion with Rick is sparked by a map written by Abraham Ford. The map, which says, "Sorry for being an a$$hole earlier.

Come to Washington. The new world's gonna need RICK GRIMES," is discovered in Father Gabriel's abandoned church. Upon learning of Rick's survival, Morgan sets out to find him, encountering the Wolves along the way. He ultimately saves Daryl and Aaron, who are also friends of Rick, and they bring him to Alexandria.

Morgan's final appearance in both shows takes place in the eighth and final season of Fear the Walking Dead, during the midseason finale episode "All I See is Red." He played a vital role in Rick's survival and is a beloved character among fans.

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