Rick & Michonne's Spinoff Trailer Explains A 4-Year-Old Walking Dead Mystery

The first trailer for The Walking Dead spinoff, The Ones Who Live, finally sheds light on the mystery surrounding Rick and Michonne's whereabouts. Set years after Rick's departure from the main show, the upcoming spinoff continues their stories. The trailer provides a deeper glimpse into their next adventures, offering answers to questions that have lingered for years. In a previous episode, Michonne finds a phone with Rick's writing on it, along with Japanese characters. 

Fans have deciphered the Japanese phrase to mean "believe a little longer," which is confirmed by showrunner Angela Kang. The trailer reveals that the phrase symbolizes Rick's hope of reuniting with his family. This theme of belief and determination drives the narrative of the spinoff, as Rick and Michonne strive to find each other. The inclusion of Rick's phone in the trailer hints at the journey that lies ahead for the beloved characters.

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