Outlander Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: 7 Biggest Story Reveals

Warning! SPOILERS about Outlander season 7, episode 4 and the Outlander books ahead.With stories developing over two timelines, Outlander season 7, episode 4 continued detailing Claire, Jamie, and young Ian's trip to Scotland while simultaneously covering Roger and Brianna's challenges in the 20th century. Midway into the first part of Outlander's seventh season, the episode introduced one of Jamie and Claire's biggest impediments since the battle of Culloden in Outlander season 2. At the same time, Roger and Brianna realized that living in the future didn't necessarily mean having an easier life, especially as they had to face their challenges without Jamie and Claire's help in 1980.

If Outlander season 7's premiere had Lord John Grey urging Jamie not to fight against his son, Outlander season 7, episode 4 left Jamie little room to maneuver, with Cornelius Harnett threatening to conscript Jamie to get him to fight against the British. Although the development delayed the trip to Scotland, it also prompted young Ian's fortuitous meeting with William, introducing another member of the Frasers to Jamie's illegitimate son. Two hundred years in the future, Roger and Brianna instead grappled with Jemmy seemingly lying to get snacks, but the challenge hid a sinister turn of events hinting at an Outlander book story Brianna and Roger's time-traveling caused.

Young Ian's Reaction Highlights How He's Plagued By Arch Bug's Promise

Ian killing Murdina Bug deeply affected him as he didn't expect her to look for the gold and had a strong connection to Mrs. Bug, given that she took care of the Frasers since Outlander season 5. However, Outlander season 7, episode 4 showed a more complicated challenge for young Ian, whose suspicion that Arch Bug had been following him, Jamie, and Claire in a bid to kill his uncle and aunt as a way to get back at Ian truly afflicted him. Arch Bug's promise had the expected effect after all on Ian, as he couldn't help but watch his and his loved ones' backs, afraid Bug might strike.

While Arch Bug's eerie promise to Ian left him on edge, the threat was very clear – he would have accepted his offer of "a life for a life," but only once Ian had something worth taking. Given that Ian already had his uncle and aunt's love or Rollo's affection, Arch Bug couldn't have meant any kind of love, but specifically a romantic one. After all, Ian accidentally killed Arch Bug's wife, and a fitting revenge would have meant him taking it on someone Ian loved romantically. With that threat looming and Ian's guilt over killing Murdina Bug, it would make sense that Ian would still be plagued by it in Outlander season 7, episode 4.

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