"Smack In The Face" - Yellowstone's 1883 Star Responds To 1923's Revelation About Family's Fate

1883, a Yellowstone prequel, follows the Dutton family's arduous journey to Montana where they establish the largest ranch in the state. But life in Montana in 1883 is cutthroat, and the Duttons' dark side emerges as they are willing to betray others to succeed. The fate of the Dutton family is brutal; after Elsa's death, the specter of death never leaves them. James passes away ten years later, leaving Margaret to beg Jacob's support. Unfortunately, he arrives too late, and Margaret has already frozen to death, leaving her sons half-dead from starvation. The entire Yellowstone timeline is filled with devastation, but the 1883 characters have faced some of the worst circumstances. The revelations of 1923 about the Dutton family were shocking for Isabel May, who plays Elsa, as it was for any 1883 viewer.

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