Next Up In Taylor Sheridan's Queue? 'Lawmen: Bass Reeves.'

When Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, announced the new series Bass Reeves, fans were initially confused. Who is Bass Reeves? Is he a character from Yellowstone that we missed? Well, cowboy fans can relax because while Bass Reeves may have lived in the 1880s, he is not part of the Yellowstone universe. In fact, Reeves was a real historical figure and the first Black U.S. deputy marshal west of the Mississippi River. Get ready for this new series to educate us on some important history. To understand the origin of Bass Reeves, we need some background information.

It appears that the producers at the Paramount Network were unhappy when Sheridan finished 1883.

Despite its success as a prequel starring Travis McGraw, Sheridan wrote it in a way that there couldn't be a second season. According to Sheridan, the producers wanted to discuss how certain characters could have survived their deaths. But Sheridan explained that this was impossible since "everyone is dead." So, instead of a second season, he decided to create "another peek into the window." That's when he teamed up with David Oyelowo from Selma to develop Bass Reeves. However, it's important to note that Bass Reeves is not connected to the Yellowstone universe in any way. In the new series, Oyelowo will play the role of Bass Reeves, with Dennis Quaid portraying Deputy U.
S. Marshal Sherrill Lynn and Donald Sutherland as the town judge. Mo Brings Plenty from Yellowstone will also make an appearance as a new character named "Minco Dodge," which may confuse fans of the western franchise even further.

Finally, after much anticipation, Paramount released the first official trailer for Bass Reeves this week. The trailer showcases Oyelowo's cowboy attire and the 1883-like set design. In the trailer, a boy from the town asks Reeves if he's a lawman or an outlaw, to which he responds, "A bit of both." Reeves had a storied career as a gunslinger and lawman from 1838 to 1910, reportedly making over 3,000 arrests in his lifetime.

Many historians believe that he served as partial inspiration for the iconic character "Lone Ranger." Oyelowo expressed his excitement about the series, stating that he has been trying to bring Bass Reeves to life for over eight years. He credited Taylor Sheridan for revitalizing the Western genre and serving as an inspiration for his passion and talent.

The series will consist of eight episodes and will premiere on November 5 on Paramount+. The first two episodes will be released on that day, giving fans a double dose of this intriguing new series. In the meantime, fans can enjoy other Paramount shows created by Sheridan, such as Yellowstone, 1923, Special Ops: Lioness, Tulsa King, and Mayor of Kingstown. Josh Rosenberg, an Assistant Editor at Esquire, describes himself as someone who watches a movie every day. He has previously written for Spin, CBR, and maintains his own personal blog at

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