Friends Cast Imagined As '90s Kids In Uncanny AI Art!
The cast of has been reimagined as '90s kids in a new set of uncanny AI art images. The classic sitcom began airing in 1994, garnering recognition for its comedy and the performances of its cast members. The series has maintained a spot in pop culture since its run ended in 2004, showcasing the longevity of the series.

Now, has created a set of AI art on Instagram that imagines the as '90s kids.

The uncanny images show the main characters of the show in recognizable outfits and poses, all while looking like children. However, some like Chandler and Ross still maintain almost adult bodies, just with smaller heads.

What Would Friends For A Younger Audience Look Like?

Episodes of the sitcomoften center around the romantic lives of its characters, sometimes focusing on relationships within the group. Other episodes of , showing the ups and downs of their lives in the working world. This balanced focus on the group's social and professional lives could only be done with adult characters, meaning a version of the show with younger characters would need to drastically change.

A version of for a younger audience would likely take pointers from similar series found on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon.

This means the show could still focus on relationships but would have to temper storylines for a school setting instead of New York City. Perhaps doing so could create new relationships as well, such as a . The series could also get away with some sillier moments of comedy too, since it would be aimed at kids instead of an adult audience.

Ultimately, though, works best as a comedy oriented toward older people, as it's able to explore many more dynamics than if it followed a younger cast. It also may not have become the classic sitcom it is today if it had been aimed at kids. While the uncanny AI art of a younger cast makes the idea considerable, it wouldn't have been as much of a success.

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