1 Deleted Scene From Lawmen Bass Reeves' Finale Failed A Crucial Character's Ending

eleted KKK Confrontation Scene in Lawmen: Bass Reeves Finale Undermines Character Arc

One crucial deleted scene from the Lawmen: Bass Reeves finale could have completely changed the ending for a crucial character in the series. The eight-part miniseries concluded with Bass Reeves facing off against Mr. Sundown in an intense Old West shootout, but the matter of his wife Jennie's safety against racially charged threats on their family ranch in Van Buren, Arkansas was not fully addressed.

In the finale, Jennie is visited by the wife of her former slave owner, Rachel Reeves, who intends to bring the Reeves family back to Texas in chains.

However, a deleted scene involving Jennie confronting the Ku Klux Klan was left out of the final episode. In the scene, Jennie holds a gun outside her home to a mob of KKK members, asserting her right to protect her land. This omission undermines the series' climactic build-up and leaves Jennie's character arc incomplete.

The Lawmen: Bass Reeves trailer featured the intense confrontation between Jennie and the KKK, but it never made it into the final cut. Throughout the later episodes of the series, there were hints of a confrontation between Jennie and the KKK, including encounters with a racist young girl and her older brother.

However, the anticipated scene from the trailer never materialized in the finale.

Creator Chad Feehan explained that the decision to remove the scene was made to create a more impactful ending for the characters of Jennie and Bass. However, this explanation fails to address the gap left in the series and raises questions about the connection between the racist characters and Rachel Reeves. Additionally, the fate of Arthur Mayberry, Sally's love interest, may have been tied to the deleted scene.

The omission of the KKK confrontation undermines Jennie's character arc and leaves loose ends in the series.

The scene could have provided closure and resolution for Jennie's storyline, tying up the conflicts and character arcs established throughout the series. Without it, the finale feels less impactful and leaves certain storylines unresolved.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves is a spin-off of the Yellowstone franchise that follows the journey of Bass Reeves, the first black Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi River. While the series provides a fictionalized account of his life, the omission of the KKK confrontation scene detracts from the overall narrative and character development.

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