Jennifer Aniston Says ‘A Whole Generation of Kids’ Finds ‘Friends’ Offensive: ‘You Have to Be Very Careful’ With Comedy Now

Jennifer Aniston has been a comedy star for almost 30 years, and she has noticed how comedy has evolved over time. She believes that it has become trickier to be funny these days because people are more sensitive and easily offended. In the past, comedians could make jokes about bigots and educate people on how ridiculous they were. However, now they are not allowed to do that.

Aniston mentioned that even the TV show "Friends," in which she starred, is considered offensive to some people today. She acknowledges that there were things in the show that were unintentionally offensive, but back then, there wasn't as much sensitivity as there is now.

Aniston believes that the world needs humor and that people should not take themselves too seriously, especially in the divided United States. "Friends" has also faced criticism for its lack of diversity, as all six main characters were white and actors of color rarely had prominent roles throughout the show's ten seasons and 236 episodes.

Lisa Kudrow, a cast member, has explained that the show's creators, who were both white, simply wrote about what they knew. However, there has been a growing awareness and effort to address this lack of diversity. In fact, Marta Kauffman, one of the creators of "Friends," donated $4 million to create a professorship focusing on African and African American studies at Brandeis University to address her own embarrassment and guilt over the show's lack of diversity. Aniston's upcoming Netflix movie, "Murder Mystery 2," featuring Adam Sandler, will be released on March 31.

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