Unbelievable! Cole Sprouse Once Playing A Role In Friends Admits He LOAT His Virginity At 14 In Just ‘20 seconds’!

Cole Sprouse is sharing the “cringey” way he lost his virginity at 14 years old.

The former Disney Channel star, now 30, revealed Wednesday that he had sex for the first time on a family vacation — and it lasted just “20 seconds.”

Cole Sprouse recalled the “cringey” way he lost his virginity at 14 years old.Call Her Daddy

“I was on a family trip in Florida, and I met this girl who was older, so that’s already dubious. … The first night we kind of made out, the second night — this makes me nervous, it’s so cringey — I, like, knocked on her hotel door.”

The “Riverdale” star noted that his heart was “beating” as the pair made their way down to a beach.

“I finally mustered up enough courage to deliver a line that my brother [Dylan Sprouse] has never, ever let down for me. I looked at her, and I was like, ‘So, are you like DTF?’ She goes, ‘What?’ And I go, ‘You know, down to f–k?’ I was 14,” he remembered.

After the girl replied, “Sure,” Cole texted Dylan and a friend who was on the trip with them.

“We were all staying in the same hotel room because we were f–king 14. I was like, ‘Dude, you gotta get out of the room, man. I’ve got a girl coming over,'” he continued.

“We’re walking down the hall. I got my arm around this girl. I see my brother and Charlie. As we pass each other, my brother looks at me and goes, ‘What the f–k are we supposed to do?’ I looked at him, and I said another line that he’s never forgiven me for. I was like, ‘I dunno, go play chess or something.'”

The “Suite Life of Zack & Cody” alum, who smoked a cigarette throughout the interview, admitted he only “lasted about 20 seconds” and never spoke to the girl again.

“After that, I became truly a serial monogamist. I went from long-term relationship to long-term relationship,” he said.

“I ended up regretting that experience a little bit because I hadn’t made it special at all.”

When asked whether he lost his virginity before his twin, Cole revealed, “I did. … In many ways, he looked at me and was like, ‘I’m not doing that,’ so it was cool. I got to be a guinea pig for him.”

Cole also addressed his highly publicized past relationship with his “Riverdale” co-star Lili Reinhart during the podcast appearance.

“It was hard to suspend all the ways we felt about each other, and it didn’t afford us the luxury of distance to really overcome that,” he said of having to work with his ex, 26, on the CW show.

“I know we both ,” the former “Suite Life on Deck” star acknowledged.

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