'The Odd Couple': Matthew Perry Reveals Secrets Behind CBS' Modern Remake!

Matthew Perry, one of the stars of CBS' modern remake of "The Odd Couple," has recently revealed some secrets about the highly anticipated show. As fans eagerly await the premiere, Perry gives insight into what makes this version unique and exciting.

"The Odd Couple" is a classic comedy series that was first created by Neil Simon in 1965. The show revolves around the lives of two mismatched roommates, Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. Felix is neat and uptight, while Oscar is messy and carefree. Despite their differences, they try to make their living situation work.

Perry, who plays the role of Oscar Madison, shares that the show will maintain the essence of the original, while also bringing a modern twist.

He reveals that the humor in the new version will be more edgy and contemporary, which is essential in order to resonate with today's audience.

In addition to updating the humor, the show will also feature modern technology. Perry describes the setting of the show as a "modern apartment" with all the gadgets and technology of the present day. This incorporation of modern elements will give the show a fresh appeal and make it relatable to viewers.

Another interesting aspect of the new version is the introduction of female characters as regular cast members.

In the original series, the focus was primarily on the two male roommates. However, Perry states that the addition of female characters will bring a new dynamic to the show. He believes that this will create interesting storylines and add depth to the characters.

Perry further explains that the chemistry between the actors is what truly brings the show to life. He praises his co-star, Thomas Lennon, who plays Felix Unger, for his exceptional comedic timing and talent. He expresses his excitement about working with Lennon and believes their chemistry will translate well on screen, making the show even more enjoyable for the audience.

The article concludes by highlighting Perry's enthusiasm for the show and his belief that fans of the original series will not be disappointed with the remake. He assures viewers that while the show will have a modern twist, the heart and soul of "The Odd Couple" will remain intact.

In summary, Matthew Perry shares some secrets about the upcoming modern remake of "The Odd Couple." The show will maintain the essence of the original while incorporating edgier humor and modern technology. The addition of female characters will bring a new dynamic to the show, and the chemistry between the actors is expected to be a highlight. Perry assures fans that the remake will live up to their expectations and will not disappoint.

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