How Kevin Costner's Divorce Papers Hint He May No Longer Be a Part of 'Yellowstone' Season 5

According to divorce papers, Kevin Costner's future on the TV series Yellowstone appears uncertain. The court documents indicate that Costner, known for his role as John Dutton, may not be returning for the rest of Season 5. The papers reveal that Costner is no longer receiving financial compensation for Yellowstone, apart from some "back-end contractual participation rights." He also stated that he is no longer under contract for the show and will earn substantially less in 2023 compared to the previous year when Yellowstone was his main source of income.

The news surprised fans and raised speculation about the future of the series.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, show creator Taylor Sheridan discussed Costner's departure and hinted at a fatal end for John Dutton's character. Sheridan expressed that Costner's decision resulted in a shortened story arc but assured fans that he had planned the character's destiny and the show's culmination from the early stages of Yellowstone.

The revelations cast doubt on Costner's return to the series, and if he doesn't come back for Season 5, Sheridan may be forced to kill off John Dutton off-camera. Additionally, the ongoing writers' strike in Hollywood and the lack of finalized scripts could further delay production and the premiere of the second half of Season 5.

Costner is currently focused on his four-part Western epic, Horizon, where he serves as co-writer, director, and leading man. There has been no comment from Costner regarding his potential return to Yellowstone. Representatives for Costner, Sheridan, and Paramount Network have not responded to inquiries at this time.

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