Matthew Perry's Best 'Friends' Moments With ET Will Make You Laugh!

The article highlights some of the best moments that actor Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing in the hit TV show "Friends," had in interviews with Entertainment Tonight (ET). These moments are shown through a flashback, providing fans with a trip down memory lane and a reminder of the actor's wit and humor.

The first memorable moment showcased is when Perry, alongside his fellow cast members, attended a press conference for "Friends" in 1994. Perry displayed his quick wit by jokingly answering a reporter's question, comparing his character Chandler Bing to Bill Clinton. This response elicited laughter from the audience and demonstrated Perry's ability to bring humor even in a professional setting.

Another amusing moment occurred during an interview with ET in 1998. Perry emphasized his desire to keep the show going, stating that if necessary, he would work for free. His playful banter with the interviewer and his dedication to the show's success showcased his enthusiasm for the role and his love for the entire cast and crew.

In a 1996 interview, Perry discussed a particularly hilarious scene in "Friends," which involved his character wearing a pink bunny costume. The actor revealed that he initially hated the idea but later found the scene to be one of the funniest experiences of his career.

Perry's willingness to embrace comedic situations and make the best out of them demonstrated his commitment to entertaining the audience.

Furthermore, the article highlights a moment from 1997 when Perry won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Male Television Performer. In his acceptance speech, he humorously thanked his family and friends but forgot to mention his fellow cast members. This moment showcased Perry's genuine personality, as he admitted his mistake and laughed it off.

The final memorable moment mentioned was in 2002 when Perry received a phone call during an interview. Instead of being flustered or cutting it short, he answered it on-camera and proceeded to humorously question the person on the other end.

This spontaneous act displayed Perry's ability to entertain and improvise, even in unexpected situations.

Throughout the article, it is evident that Matthew Perry brought his wit, charm, and humor not only to his character Chandler Bing but also to his real-life interviews. From witty comebacks to spontaneous acts, Perry's entertaining personality shone through, making him a beloved actor both on and off-screen. These moments with ET serve as a wonderful reminder of Perry's talent and the joy he brought to his fans during his time on "Friends."

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