Fear The Walking Dead Made The Right Choice Not Bringing 1 Character Back For The Finale

Fear The Walking Dead wrapped up its eighth and final season with several surprises and character exits. However, one character that did not make a return was Althea. While some characters, like Alicia, had satisfying story conclusions, bringing back characters is not always successful in the Walking Dead franchise. In the main show, Luke returned only to die in a few episodes. The legacies of characters can still have an impact, such as John Dorie's guns being used by June in the finale. 

Althea's exit in season 7 was justified, as there were no loose ends and her storyline didn't align with the finale's narrative. Her relationship with CRM soldier Isabelle ended in a poignant way, symbolized by Althea smashing her video camera. Their departure signified a fresh start and allows for purpose-driven cameos in future spinoffs. Despite not physically appearing in the finale, Althea's presence was still felt through moments like Alicia's group using the MRAP and Tracy watching one of Althea's tapes. 

Showrunner Ian Goldberg explained that the show honored Althea through the idea of storytelling. Madison's sacrifice in the finale was framed through a story told by Strand to Tracy, which ties back to Althea's question, "What's Your Story?" The inclusion of Althea's legacy and the power of storytelling enhanced the finale without needing a forced cameo. All seasons of Fear The Walking Dead can be streamed on AMC and AMC+.

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