10 Characters That Influenced Negan's Arc in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1, Episode 1, titled "Old Acquaintances," premiered on AMC and brought back beloved characters Negan Smith and Maggie Rhee. The episode introduced fresh characters while also delving into the character development of long-running favorites.

Negan's transformation from a menacing villain into a redeemed hero has been one of the most significant evolutions in The Walking Dead franchise. To understand the complexity of his unique personality, it is crucial to examine the key characters that influenced his previous storyline.

Lydia Negan forms an unlikely friendship with Lydia, another outcast in Alexandria. Despite Negan's role in killing Lydia's mother, they develop a relationship based on understanding and respect. This connection shows Negan that he can find people who empathize with him, even if he cannot convince everyone of his change.

Alpha While initially appearing to align himself with The Whisperers, Negan ultimately betrays their leader, Alpha. By doing so, he proves his loyalty to the Alexandrians and demonstrates that he is dedicated to doing what is right, even if it means playing on his villainous past to gain trust.

Rick Rick's influence on Negan's evolution as a protagonist cannot be understated. Through Rick's leadership and mercy, Negan learns the importance of making difficult decisions for the greater good of a community. Though Negan's demeanor hasn't completely changed, Rick's teachings have given him a sobering outlook on the world.

Sasha Sasha's actions during her imprisonment by the Saviors make Negan question his perceptions of people in the post-apocalyptic world. Her decision to take her own life, reanimating in front of both Saviors and Alexandrians, demonstrates the resilience and loyalty of the survivors.

Carl Negan's threats against Carl highlight his respect and admiration for the teenager. Despite their adversarial relationship, Negan sees the potential for goodness in Carl and even expresses a desire to have children with similar qualities. The loss of Carl has a profound impact on Negan's future, as it leads Rick to spare him and create the peaceful world Carl envisioned.

Judith Judith Grimes forms an unexpected alliance with Negan, displaying kindness and intelligence beyond her years. Her friendship with Negan showcases his growth and begins to sway the perceptions of others in Alexandria. When Judith is trapped in a storm, Negan's act of bravery solidifies his transformation in the eyes of the audience.

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