OMG! Jennifer Aniston Really Wants To Join 'The White Lotus Season 3' In 2023 And It Needs To Happen Immediately!

 has set her sights on appearing in  in the best possible role.

The  star has admitted she want to avenge the death of ’s character Tanya in the second season by being cast as her sister.

In , the Rachel Green actor said she was “obsessed” with The White Lotus, and the journalist pitched her the idea of becoming Tanya’s sibling.

“Did you hear it, Mike White?” Jennifer said, referring to the show’s creator.

“I want Jennifer Coolidge. I love her.”

Jennifer went on to reveal Mike – who she once teamed up with on 2002 film The Good Girl – thought she’d previously passed up the chance to appear on the HBO drama.

Jennifer Coolidge plays Tanya McQuoid-Hunt in The White Lotus

Referencing Mike’s speech at the 2023 Golden Globes after The White Lotus won Best Limited TV Series, Jennifer said: “Remember when Mike said at the Golden Globes, ’I know you all passed on it!′

“I didn’t! I didn’t even get a call.”

Of course, Friends fans will remember that both Jennifers shared the screen when Coolidge guest starred in a season nine episode of Friends, when she played Monica’s friend Amanda.

Aniston is far from the only star who has been suggested to star as Coolidge’s on-screen sister in the next season, however.

Many fans started a Twitter campaign, believing  would be a perfect casting – something Jennifer C has given her seal of approval to.

“I just recently saw Pam’s documentary and I called 100 people to watch it. And I swear to God, we all had the same reaction. It’s amazing,” Jennifer told ET, gushing about Pamela’s recent Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story. “You finally get the real story, and she’s got this huge comeback.”