The Colby And Teeter Moment That Made No Sense To Yellowstone Fans

In Season 3 of Yellowstone, the introduction of barrel racers Mia and Laramie, as well as new ranch hand Teeter, brought fresh energy to the series. Teeter, with her no-nonsense attitude and vibrant pink hair, caught the attention of Bunkhouse Boy Colby, and their flirtations escalated throughout the season.

However, trouble found them in the episode "I Killed a Man Today." Taking a break from work, Colby and Teeter decided to have an afternoon skinny-dip when they were attacked by rancher Wade Morrow, who had a grudge against John Dutton. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers uncertain about their fate.

The following episode revealed that Colby and Teeter survived the attack but were injured. However, some observant fans noticed a continuity error regarding the timing of events. Reddit user THE_UPV0TER pointed out that the couple went underwater during daylight but resurfaced in pitch-black nighttime scenes in the subsequent episode.

This observation sparked a discussion among fans, with some expressing annoyance at the apparent inconsistency. Some fans speculated that it could be a plot hole, while others suggested accepting it as a quirk of the show's universe, akin to sudden nightfall. One user playfully referenced Game of Thrones to emphasize the ability to enjoy a show despite occasional inconsistencies.

Another theory proposed by a fan was that Colby and Teeter might have been immobile for an extended period due to their injuries, causing nightfall during that time. However, this explanation raised another question regarding why a search party wasn't sent out by the Bunkhouse to locate them.

Despite the discussion surrounding the timing issue, fans of the budding romance between Colby and Teeter ("Ceeter" shippers) were likely pleased to see them spending quality time together.

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