Monica's Most Terrible Act In Yellowstone Season 2

The Dutton family has probably endured enough sadness and twists to make just about any cowboy's Stetson hat spin chaotically. Life isn't easy on "Yellowstone," but then again, if it were, it probably wouldn't make for such engaging television. The series, which just wrapped up its 4th season, is a western tragedy set against the backdrop of modern Montana ranching life. "Yellowstone" is a series steeped in sorrow, and Season 2 certainly contributes to the show's ever-increasing list of saddest moments.

It's also got some questionable actions from some of the show's central cast.

This is especially true for the character of Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille), who has undoubtedly done a few things that have had us occasionally shaking our heads. Monica adds a compelling layer to her relationship with Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), and when the two are on the same page, it's lovely to witness the couple together despite the barrage of hardships they go through. Monica and Kayce have had their shares of up and downs on "Yellowstone," but it was a particularly low relationship moment in Season 2 where some felt Monica was at her worst.

Monica almost entirely hooks up with her physical therapist

In Season 2 of Yellowstone, Monica's most controversial act occurs in the 6th episode, "Blood The Boy," when she develops a romantic connection with her physical therapist, Martin. Despite her brain injury and temporary separation from Kayce, Monica seeks help from a specialist. Over a few episodes, their professional relationship turns into a romantic one, leading to a partially intimate moment in bed. However, Monica realizes her love for Kayce is still strong and calls off the encounter.

Some fans felt this storyline made the show seem more like a soap opera than a complex western drama. It also led to criticism that Monica's behavior was inconsistent and immature. While Monica and Kayce reconcile, their relationship becomes a repetitive cycle of uncertainty. In Season 4, Monica's character is further diminished by a jealousy storyline, prompting some viewers to question if the two characters are better off apart.

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