Rick & Michonne's Walking Dead Spinoff Will Finally Answer A Season 10 Mystery That Started 4 Years Ago

Rick and Michonne's spinoff, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, has the opportunity to answer a long-standing mystery from the flagship show's tenth season. The spinoff brings back beloved characters and delves deeper into the powerful organization known as CRM. New characters, including CRM leader Major General Beale and the returning Jadis, add to the excitement.

One of the main questions the spinoff needs to address is what happened to Rick and Michonne after they left the parent show. Promotional material and story teases suggest that these questions will finally be answered. Michonne's exit from The Walking Dead four years ago revealed evidence that Rick might still be alive.

A phone with Japanese writing and a sketch of Michonne and Judith provides valuable clues. The phone's writing translates to "believe a little bit longer," hinting at the phone's importance.

While the trailer promises a reunion between Rick and Michonne, it raises further questions regarding the phone's clues. The Japanese text suggests covert communication, potentially involving the CRM's global influence. Additionally, Judith's older depiction in the sketch implies that Jadis may have been keeping tabs on Rick's family. These hints build anticipation for Rick's determination to find his loved ones.

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