8 Biggest Reveals From The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Trailer

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live trailer revealed some exciting details about Rick and Michonne's upcoming adventure in the Walking Dead franchise. The CRM, the overarching villains of the series, will play a prominent role in this spinoff. The trailer confirms that Rick is unaware of his son RJ, as he only mentions his "wife" and "daughter". 

The significance of the writing on the phone found by Michonne in season 10 is also explored. The message, translated as "believe a little bit longer", gave Michonne hope of reuniting with Rick. Notably, Jadis, a major villain from World Beyond, makes a return in this spinoff.

Michonne encounters a new community based in a wrecked ship labeled "safe harbor", which may provide support in their battle against the CRM. Additionally, it is revealed that Rick is not the only one seeking to leave the CRM, as he interacts with a character named Thorne who shares his desire. 

The trailer also suggests a connection between the CRM and Operation Cobalt, a failed military operation to eliminate the virus. Rick comes face to face with General Beale, the leader of the CRM, and the trailer ends with the indication that Project V, a deadly gas weapon, will be utilized by the CRM.

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