Trying Din Tai Fung workers favorite order

Can you make me your favorite dintai funk appetizer? Yeah I got you let me guess we're going with the sour soup no the cucumber salad let's go Johnny boy if I like this I'll order your favorite main dish alright off the presentation this looks good no ky the sauce on the cucumber salad is insane I gotta rate this a nine out of ten yo Johnny boy appetizer was fireless's ring up the main dish maybe the shaon bowo with the side of the chicken PR oh Ho Johnny boy did it again out of these two which ones you think I'm gonna like the most it's gonna be the soup dumplings and money on that if I like it I'm gonna order your favorite dessert okay we got the chicken soup dumplings we bite into it it explodes in your mouth with greatness look at papa's bamboo plate you can't go wrong with it I would have to rate this at nine out of ten now lets try these shrimp noodles noodles just melt in my mouth the shrimp and the sauce is blowing me away and now I kind of love shrimp Gang. This is a night out of dad. It's your favorite dessert chocolate EM mochi Sha with the side of cream cream oh.Johnny boy, are you sure these are handcrafted? Sir, they're Che up right there.10,000 dumplings a day and I can't even make 10,000 dollars who? You can never go wrong with sea salt cream. Come on, it's amazing. I gotta rate this by nine out of ten. It's only 77 bucks for my whole meal. Cody primier approves, didn't I?

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