What kind of person would like this kind of night scene atmosphere

Write and title a tourism promotion article designed to introduce the example attraction below.
The article should be titled narrative style, with numbers, reminders, transitions, questions or frequency markers, preferably with the name of the attraction, while avoiding summarizing language or the use of colons (in English).
Articles should be 600 words in length, without subheadings. The article should contain the following elements:
1, describe the characteristics and charm of the attraction, with figurative details. Including the beautiful details of the attraction's natural environment, geographic location, and humanistic features of the attraction.
2, figurative details describe the historical background and cultural connotation of the attractions. Including the historical origin of the attractions, the reasons for the formation, traditional art, religious beliefs, attractions of the stories and legends, to increase the reader's interest and curiosity.
3, vividly describe and feel the beauty and charm of the attractions. Use vivid language to depict the scenery and atmosphere of the attractions, so that readers feel as if they were there. You can also share your own personal experience and feelings, while quoting other people's travelogues and comments to increase the credibility and attractiveness of the article.
4. Add the words "Wallpaper Sharing:" at the bottom of the article.
Example of attraction name:

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