Matthew Perry Envisioned Starring in Autobiographical Superhero Project — and Enlisted Adam McKay's Help!

Before his untimely death at the age of 54, Matthew Perry had an intriguing idea for a potential comeback project, which he had shared with director Adam McKay. While collaborating on Netflix's film Don't Look Up in 2020, the Friends star, who had a small role that ultimately didn't make the final cut, approached McKay with a concept for an autobiographical superhero project about his own life, titled Mattman.

The premise, as explained by McKay, revolves around a middle-aged guy named Matt, who is both famous and somewhat lost in life. Unexpectedly, Matt inherits a staggering $2 billion after a distant relative passes away, and he decides to transform himself into a superhero using his newfound wealth.

McKay found Perry's idea fascinating as it provided a glimpse into the actor's inner thoughts. He compared hearing a movie idea to someone sharing their dream, believing it holds deeper meaning. Thus, he saw significance in Perry's desire to pursue the Mattman concept.

Perry, an avid Batman fan, intended to portray the lead role himself, but he was uncertain whether it should be developed as a series or a film. McKay shared his own alternative idea, proposing a show that explores a fictionalized version of Perry's struggles with addiction while leveraging his recognizable TV persona.

McKay suggested focusing on how Perry would navigate a world where people constantly associate him with his famous catchphrases and the cheery image from his beloved television role. Behind the scenes, however, he would be depicted as a human dealing with real pain and addiction. Acknowledging the potential impact and relevance of such a show, McKay felt it could be both funny and influential.

Unfortunately, Perry wasn't interested in pursuing McKay's concept, and the director respected his decision. Tragically, Perry passed away on October 28 under circumstances related to apparent drowning. As investigations continue, fans mourn the loss of the beloved star's potential projects that might have showcased his talent in a new light.

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