Walking Dead: Dead City Poster Expertly Pulls Together Big Moments From The Whole Season!


A fan poster for The Walking Dead: Dead City depicts major events from season 1, showcasing key characters and moments.Season 1 sets the stage for a much larger season 2, with the series expanding to new settings and survivor groups.The poster hints at the vast potential for future storylines and the exploration of post-apocalyptic New York City.

A fan poster for showcases the biggest moments from season 1, pulling them together to create one massive art piece. sees Maggie and Negan travel to Manhattan in order to rescue Hershel from The Croat. Season 1 of the series featured many major twists and turns as Maggie tries to rescue her son with Negan's help.

Now, has created a poster of , showing off the biggest events from season 1.

Aki's poster highlights Maggie, Negan, and The Croat, alongside major events like Hershel's capture in episode 1 and Ginny setting off a flare in episode 5. In the poster's description on Instagram, Aki expresses joy for season 1 of the series and anticipation for .

How Dead City Season 1 Sets Up A Larger Season 2

season 1 introduces Maggie and Negan's new association with New York City, a far cry from the rural Virginia setting of . Many important events happen throughout season 1, such as Maggie revealing she brought Negan to Manhattan so she could trade him for Hershel. However, the series clarifies that season 1 is only the beginning, with season 2 set to expand into a much wider setting.

During , Negan is tasked by Manhattan's true leader, the Dama, with helping her conquer the rest of New York City. She also says that, if Negan doesn't comply, she will go to the Bricks and kill Hershel. Because Negan will be forced into capturing other parts of New York in season 2, it's clear the next season will feature more survivor groups and locations than season 1.

While Aki's poster reveals just how much transpired during season 1, it also indicates this is just the beginning for the new spinoff. With plenty of areas in post-apocalyptic New York left to explore, there's no telling what new locations and faces will bring to the series' future. Aki's poster highlights just how big is, and how many potential storylines will be followed going forward.

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